Salina's Hotel L'Ariana on the sea at Leni - Four stars hotel in the Aeolian Islands Archipelago

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L'Ariana, Salina

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The so-called "Mal d´Ariana" strikes only some of the visitors arriving to Salina, in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, not far from Capo Milazzo. It's a sort of melancholy similar to the "Mal d'Afrique", something that invades your veins slowly but inevitably and never goes away. In order to be possessed by this kind of 'melancholy' you need to be sensitive, sensual and romantic: you need to be able to feel the pure beauty, to be able to enjoy silently the contemplation of the perpetual motion of the sea, whose colour is "indaco" in Salina. In the background, the Sicilian coasts are surmounted by the Etna peaks and around them the brown-red cliffs and fringes of Lipari, Vulcano, Filicudi and Alicudi: far away from the stressful and noisy technological world left behind in our cities, which is replaced by a peaceful lifestyle in harmony with nature for men and women. The enchantment you will feel is the result of the fusion of authentic nature with non violent comfort. Nature will welcome you from the French door on your bedroom's patio: just 10 meters away, you will be able to dive into the bluest, the most terse, softy warm and scented sea of the whole Mediterranean area. Nature will surround you completely, as your look will only find pristine marine blue, immaculate glimpse of other volcanic islands, or the green colour of the base of the two mountains that form Salina, the Didyme of ancient Greece, the twin mountains island.

"Ariana sickness" is than spending an holiday blue-sea and green-wood, even short but unforgettable and intense, meeting at dusk, tired, happy, with all the senses alerted, on the terrace of the Ariana, in front of a table laid in a proper and refined way, to taste every delicatessen, joined by the most appropriate wines, meanwhile in front of you a big, orange sun set behind Filicudi and an equally big moon rises behind Vulcano. So, if the right person is sitting next to you, the calling of everything is good and mother nature will be so strong and vibrant that in the world there will be none else but you two.
The staff of the Ariana will change to resemble violinist tzigani and the Ariana and Rinella will be your exclusive universe; all the rest will be far, stupid, useless.
And the charme will not end with the dinner. It will stay with you for the whole holiday. It will follow you even after, when you go back to civilisation, warming the long and dark winters that inevitably will follow; a flame that will never leave you and will always call you back here, at the Ariana, in Rinella Salina.

Albergo sul mare L'Ariana terrazza dell'hotel Isola di Filicudi e a sinistra Alicudi la malia dell'Ariana è anche questo l'incanto dell'Ariana, hotel sul mare ingresso secondario dell'albergo